Workshop/Class schedule

Workshop events coming up, open to all.

Oxford Release and Realign Workshops
Sundays 11am > 12.30pm
19 May > 16 June > 21 July 2019

Milton Keynes Workshop. Image Stu Allsopp.

Each workshop will incorporate gentle stretching and mobilising, work with therapy balls to release tension or build tone, touch to help refine our perception (alone or in partners), and time to lie down and breathe out.

There will also be time dedicated within in session to look at a specific area of the body, to deepen our understanding anatomically and our awareness experientially, as well as discover ways to release and/or enliven as needed. The foci will be:

19 May | Shoulder Girdle and Arms
16 June | Spine
21 July | Feet

You can read more on how I teach here: Release and Realign. These sessions are relatively gentle and slow, but if you have any injuries or issues that you are negotiating do let me know so I can ascertain whether it will be right for you.

Maximum number of participants:  16 
Price per session: £15
Location: Mortimer Hall 50 Oxford Rd, Old Marston OX3 0PH

If you are interested in attending please contact me to reserve your place, confirmation will be upon receipt of payment via BACS.

Please bring a yoga mat or rug to lie on, and layers to wear so you can add or remove them as you need.

Mortimer Hall has onsite parking. If you are interested in carpooling do let me know and if possible I will put you in touch with others who may be travelling from your area.

The space will be open at 10.45am as I set up. There is a kitchen to make a cuppa on arrival if you wish, or afterwards before you head off into the day.