Workshop/Class schedule

I am continuing to offer these sessions via zoom: 
Morning Moves Tuesday
Morning Moves | Tuesdays 10:00-11:00am
Primarily a session in standing and/or sitting that aims to mobilise and prepare us for the day ahead, but due to the nature of the work the invitations and propositions I offer are for you to translate in the way that best suits you.
Taking time to move mindfully can be one of the most effective ways to find more ease within your body. Experiencing and witnessing in others the resilience evoked once balance begins to arise…when adaptability and stability harmonise…never fails to amaze and inspire me. These three one hour online sessions will offer gentle and accessible ways to: deepen the felt sense of how we are in each moment and the influence this has on how we move, explore simple ways to mobilise and differentiate through the body, experience our relationship to gravity and perception of the space around us, and embody a deeper understanding of our anatomy to support us within day to day life. Each session will lightly touch upon a different aspect of the body, such as shoulders/arms, feet, hips/pelvis, spine etc. and I am really happy to respond to requests for areas to focus where possible.

Format of sessions
The sessions will be in a ‘follow along’ format, where I will be moving with you in real time and guiding you through each moment. Please note that I will not be giving any one to one feedback, so please ensure that you adapt what I offer to suit how you feel and what your body needs in order to feel safe and pain free. I will use approaches from a range of different perspectives and may sometimes use props, such as a tennis ball or a pair of tightly rolled up socks, or a sponge or towel etc. I will always let you know in advance if I aim to use something, and you will not need to buy expensive equipment I promise! 

Practical Details…
Sessions run on a drop-in basis and I will send you zoom details each week if you request to be put on the list.  

The sessions are offered at the rate of £7 or £8 to remain responsive to our changing financial circumstances during this time. You can pay here:


If you would like more information or wish to join a session, please do Get In Touch.


Archive events…

Finding Ease: Exploring Ways to Release Tension and Find Freedom
Saturday 29 February 2020 | 11am-5pm
Wootton Village Hall, Wootton-by-Woodstock, Oxfordshire 

Following on from our first jointly led workshop Petra and I will be offering another in February 2020.

FindingEaseFeb2020Feedback from our previous workshop:

Thank you so much for creating the freedom flow day.  I throughly enjoyed the day and found it very beneficial.  It’s not often that I enable myself time to really focus on tuning into my body in a way where I am able to notice sensations that I am feeling, holding or releasing.
Working with the therapy balls has been an eye opener and I never imagined and would never of known how much they can help….
I adored the pace of the day, perfect to really be able to connect and absorb the information well.
I really really loved the day. Here is what I specifically loved:
I loved the really mindful approach to bringing us into contact with our bodies. The way the day was constructed, taught and the philosophy that seemed to underpin it all led towards bringing us into friendly, interested and non-judgmental contact with our bodies. It increased my confidence to listen to my body’s wisdom in what it needs, how to tend to it and the value of making time.
I really appreciated how practical it was, so at the same time as feeling empowered to listen and respond to my own body, there were suggestions, stretches and short yoga flows that gave me new ideas of how to move and cultivate ease. I felt very well led through the session, but also very able and encouraged to take what I learned and use it confidently.
I felt really respected and a lot of compassion from both Fiona and Petra…their infectious delight in movement and its possibility to support health that shone through. I felt like they both embodied the welcome and compassion of great mindfulness teachers and also the health at every size movement. I felt full of possibility rather than inadequate.
The pace and content were great. The quality of the teaching was top notch.
I’ve taken a bunch of yoga workshops and this is the best movement workshop I’ve taken. It was empowering, practical and insightful and has increased the ease I have in my body and the ways I have of taking care of it.
Thanks so much to you both for a delicious workshop on Sunday.
I particularly appreciated the welcoming, calm, and inspiring environment you created.  I felt very supported in the space and in the process of opening, releasing, and exploring.
Such a treat to have you both teaching with your combined experience, knowledge and warm, playful approach.

Archive Workshops:

Finding Freedom: Exploring Ways to Release Tension and Find Ease
Sunday 9 June 2019 | 11am > 4pm
Lansdown Hall, Lansdown, Stroud 
Finding Freedom_________________________________________________________

Oxford Release and Realign Workshops
Sundays 11am > 12.45pm | 16 Jun | 21 Jul| 29 Sep | 3 Nov 2019
Mortimer Hall, Oxford

Adriana Pegorer Image

Each workshop will incorporate gentle stretching and mobilising, work with therapy balls to release tension or build tone, or touch to help refine our perception (alone or in partners). Each session closes with 10 minutes Savasana, to allow time to assimilate, integrate and feel ready to move into the rest of the day.

There will also be time dedicated within in session to look at a specific area of the body, to deepen our understanding anatomically and our awareness experientially, as well as discover ways to release and/or enliven as needed. Themes will be:

16 June | Spine
21 July | Feet
29 Sep | Hips and Pelvis

3 Nov | Neck and Shoulders

You can read more on how I teach here: Release and Realign. These sessions are relatively gentle and slow, but if you have any injuries or issues that you are negotiating do let me know so I can ascertain whether it will be right for you.

Maximum number of participants:  12 
Price per session: £15
Location: Mortimer Hall 50 Oxford Rd, Old Marston OX3 0PH

If you are interested in attending please contact me to reserve your place, confirmation will be upon receipt of payment via BACS. Two places currently available for each session.

Please bring a yoga mat or rug to lie on, and layers to wear so you can add or remove them as you need.

Mortimer Hall has onsite parking. If you are interested in carpooling do let me know and if possible I will put you in touch with others who may be travelling from your area.

The space will be open at 10.45am as I set up. There is a kitchen to make a cuppa on arrival if you wish, or afterwards before you head off into the day.