Rolf Movement™

_DSC2637Rolf Movement facilitates each individuals discovery of more balanced, efficient, and fluid movement within their day to day life.

It does so by deepening the understanding of our habitual movement patterns to discover a more optimal body use.

These 60 minute sessions incorporate elements of touch and movement – sometimes specific movement suggested by the Rolfer and at other times movement elicited through the clients own explorations. Through the work the client is able to refine their perception and identify areas that may be restricted, over-working, or absent in their awareness, and then revise the movement to enhance and extend their movement potential. By understanding their habitual ways of moving and perceiving the world, they are able to address the imbalances and find a clearer, more optimal body use.

Since the early days of Rolf Movement, commissioned by Ida Rolf, the work has developed further on many levels, especially through the research of dancer and Rolfer Hubert Godard, who has developed a model of working based upon ’Tonic Function’. The idea underlying the work is that when the we have a sense of the space around us and the support beneath us, our system and structure can orient itself. This orientation activates the tonic muscles, which are more suited to supporting our posture by stabilising our body from within, and allows the phasic muscles, more responsible for movement, to relax and work only when needed. The interplay between these muscle systems creates more balanced, sustainable, and harmonious movement patterns.

Taking a little time to mindfully explore simple movements can have an enormous benefit. Each person moves uniquely according to their structure, history, lifestyle, and beliefs – so if we can pay attention to how we use our body within these moments, it lays the foundation from which change can begin. It’s not only what we do that can transform us, but how we do it.

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