Privacy Policy

As an independent Rolfer and Dance Artist I am committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about what I do with it. I will only collect and use your personal information in accordance with all applicable data protection laws, and I will not do anything with your information that you wouldn’t reasonably expect.

If you have asked to receive information from me regarding any of my work, participated in any classes/workshops, or received any Rolfing or Rolf Movement sessions I may hold information about you that is called ‘personal data’. This is information which identifies you or from which you can be identified. Before I can obtain and use any of your personal data I must make you aware of the following information.

Who is the Data Controller?
I (Fiona Millward) hold your data and decide what to collect and how it will be used. I will make sure that any personal data I hold is lawfully collected and used. The source of this data was from you at your request.

How will my personal data be protected?
I have a duty to protect your personal data which I take seriously. I will store your personal data on a password protected electronic database and any treatment notes within a locked storage system. I am the only person who has access to this.

How will I use your personal data?
I will use your personal data to provide information on workshops and classes, coordinate one to one treatment times, and communicate in relation to our work together.
I hold and process this data on the legal basis of legitimate interest: i.e. I process your personal data in order to provide you with these services.

What will I not do with your personal data?
I am not permitted to use your personal data for any purpose which does not fit in with the reason why I obtained it in the first place.
I will not pass your information to third parties, and will never disclose your personal data to anyone for sales or marketing purposes.

How long will I retain your personal data?
I will continue to retain your personal data whilst I am providing you with services. For one to one clients I am required by insurance laws to retain your records and notes for 7 years beyond your sessions. After this if you do not wish me to continue holding your data I will destroy all records and notes.

What are my rights?
You have rights concerning your personal data such as the right to have access to it, the right to withdraw your consent to its use, its rectification, the right to object to its use and the right to request its erasure.

You can at any time unsubscribe from my email communications by emailing me.