Price and Session Information

Session Timings
Rolfing Structural Integration sessions last 90-100 minutes
ScarWork Therapy sessions last 70 minutes

Rolf Movement sessions last 60 minutes
Tension Release sessions last 70 minutes

On the day with cash or cheque.

Prior to the appointment via pingit or with a bank transfer – details upon request.

Prices and Locations 
Oxford Practice
Cookham Practice

What to Wear
For Rolfing SI and tension release sessions please wear comfortable underwear that doesn’t restrict movement, avoiding thick elastic or sports bras. Please note that loose legged boxer shorts may not be suitable. A two piece swimsuit or swimming trunks are also possible.

For Rolf Movement sessions please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, but isn’t too loose fitting.

As Rolfing works with the fascia, please try to avoid applying oils or lotions to the skin before coming for a session.