Price and Session Information

Session availability
To ensure continuity within the process for each client, and to accommodate individual schedules and the available space, I only work with a limited number of clients. Please contact me to find out about current availability.

2022 Pricing

Rolfing Structural Integration Ten Series:
First session: £140 for 120 minutes (to allow for a detailed health history and questions about the series).
Subsequent sessions: £120 for 100 minutes *

* Please note that occasionally you may need extra time within a session as we navigate what arises in the process. If this is the case we will discuss it and, if agreed, the additional time will be charged proportionally at the rate of £60 an hour (i.e £10 for 10 additional minutes) up to a maximum of 120 minutes.

Post 10 series Rolfing SI:
£70 (60 minutes), £100 (90 minutes)

Wheeler ScarWork Therapy:
£70 (60 minutes), £100 (90 minutes)

Tension Release:
£70 (60 minutes), £100 (90 minutes)

Rolf Movement:
£70 (60 minutes)

Please note that I require 48 hours notice if you cannot make the session. If I am given enough notice and am able to fill your slot then I will happily waive the full fee.

Can be made by cash, card, cheque or BACS. BACS payments to be made prior to the session or on the day.

Prices and Locations 
Oxford Practice
Cookham Practice

What to Wear
For Rolfing SI sessions, please wear comfortable underwear that doesn’t restrict movement, avoiding thick elastic or sports bras. Please note that loose legged boxer shorts may not be suitable.

As Rolfing works with the fascia, please avoid applying oils or lotions to the skin before coming for a session.

For ScarWork sessions, please wear comfortable clothing that allows access to the scar and surrounding area. 

For Rolf Movement sessions please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, but isn’t too loose fitting.