ScarWork™ was developed by Sharon Wheeler, one of Ida Rolf’s original students of Rolfing Structural Integration, who has been a Rolfer for over 40 years.

As scar tissue is denser and stronger than normal tissue it can often restrict movement and create discomfort through the structure and surrounding areas. The adhesions and pulls that develop from scars are both on the surface of the skin as well as deeper into the connective tissue.  ScarWork Therapy aims to lessen the impact of scar tissue, helping restore normal movement as it frees up those restrictions. It can also change the appearance of a scar as the tissue becomes softer, flatter, more mobile, and the colouring begins to match the surrounding skin. Where there has been loss of sensation, this can often return, helping to reintegrate that area of the body and for the client to begin to feel ‘whole’ again.

The work can address natural and surgical scars of any age and the effect on the work is the same no matter how long the scar has been present. In contrast to some existing scar tissue methods that focus on ‘breaking down’ scar tissue through strong touch, Wheeler’s ScarWork™ uses a light touch, drawing on a range of techniques developed to address the variety of scarring that can occur, and is painless. Scars respond immediately, with the healing continuing after the work and the effects are permanent.

ScarWork™ can be incorporated into a Rolfing session or done as a stand alone intervention. Depending on the severity of the scar you may need one, two or several sessions, however, many people report changes from just one intervention and this may feel enough for you.

As part of her research and the development of ScarWork™ Sharon Wheeler continues to work with doctors and the renowned fascia researcher and Rolfer, Dr Robert Schleip (University of Ulm, Germany). They have been using ultrasound before and after her work to demonstrate the efficacy of the approach.

Below is the link to a clip of Sharon Wheeler and Robert Schleip as part of a ScarWork™ training if you would like to see more.

You can see more about the work here: Sharon Wheelers ScarWork 

If you would like to know more or to book a session, please feel free to get in touch.