‘Fiona’s extensive knowledge of the body, not only from Rolfing but from many years of researching the body, has been incredibly effective in helping with my lower back pain. I’ve had problems with my sacroiliac joint for nearly a year which resulted in pain in my back, radiating up to my neck and down through my left thigh and into the sole of my foot. This has been very debilitating and exhausting and nothing seems to have helped. I have had ongoing very gentle chiropractic treatment for quite some time which has helped improve it a little, but I have received 3 Rolfing sessions so far with Fiona and it’s completely transformed my back. The pain and tightness in my thigh has virtually gone and my back has improved substantially.’
Kate, Dancer and craniosacral therapist.

‘The Rolfing sessions I received have been extremely beneficial. Fiona is a beautiful practitioner, she is generous and perceptive and has a wide understanding of the body, I feel safe in her hands. I do love massage, but I feel Rolfing to be much deeper, it has many more layers to it and it can really bring about awareness and change. I have been through a lot of emotional turmoil and my body has suffered as a consequence, I felt terrible tightening in my chest, as if I was wearing a corset. During this time Fiona has helped me enormously and has managed to free me of it and bring awareness at the same time of where the tightness might come from. After my first session of Rolfing, I felt open to the world as if for the first time, it was truly amazing. If you think Rolfing might be for you, I can’t recommend Fiona highly enough, I can’t wait to have more sessions!’ Angela, Science Lecturer.

Franklin Method

‘Fiona’s Franklin Method sessions are always a treat – anticipated with pleasure as an opportunity to refocus and have some me-time that is also happily sociable. Fiona is always engaging and brings a positive energy to the room. Her humour helps the group to relax unselfconsciously and her enthusiasm is infectious. I have and I would wholeheartedly recommend Fiona as an instructor.’ Sonya, Librarian

Movement Classes

‘I have known Fiona and her work for approx sixteen years. We were colleagues at Oxford School of Drama from 1999-2004 and have since collaborated on Movement/Voice and Text workshops for the Northern Touring Company and on independent Acting courses in England and Scotland. I have always found Fiona’s approach to releasing the physical potential of the human body an inspiration in developing my own ideas on Voice and Text interpretation. Her preparation is thorough and her teaching focused and detailed. I have gained so much from our professional association over the years and find that her ideas are constantly influencing my work with leading Theatre companies (e.g. RSC and National).’ Jacquie Crago NCSD; LUDDA; IPA

‘Fiona is a warm, engaging and expert movement coach, who can work with people of varying motivations and abilities. Her work, as part of a drama summer school, was essential in helping people bring together voice and physicality. She inspires confidence in everyone.’ Julie, Administrative Director

‘Fiona’s enthusiasm and sense of fun are infectious. Also, she clearly has a deep knowledge of her subject, and she makes working with her in physical theatre/choreography a safe and exciting experience.’ Andrew, Software Developer

‘I have been part of a small group employing Fiona as a movement teacher at summer schools for several years and would recommend her wholeheartedly. She combines expertise and knowledge with an instinctive understanding and warmth of communication which enable her to adapt her teaching across an extremely wide range of experience and physicality. Her classes have proved genuinely transformational. I would also commend her ability to apply her skills in movement and dance to theatrical performance creating an environment where real shifts in performance can happen.’ Hilary, Freelance Consultant

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