Current Projects

LifeLong Dance Practice

LifeLongDancePracticeSince 2017 it has been a pleasure to be part of the LifeLong Dance Practice collaboration. Currently funded by Creative Europe “BET” – Body Experience Time through 45+dancers – this project envisions itself as co-operative network of European Scandinavian and Baltic countries dance institutions in partnership with local artists, cultural institutions, schools and universities, actively engaged in transnational artistic exploration and audience development within the dance theatre sector and circulation of artistic products, expertise and ideas. The funding received acknowledges the importance of the research and was the catalyst to invest in and support the creation of a company of who meet, share and develop their practice as movement and dance artists. They draw upon the decades of professional experience each artist has working within the dance and theatre worlds.

Acting Our Age Project with Yael Flexer and Galit Liss

Since 2019 it is also a delight to part of a project entitled Acting Our Age, an inter-generational work for performers aged 24-75 by collaborators Yael Flexer and Galit Liss.  After a research period in December 2019 the project was put on hold due to Covid, but has continued online with classes open to anyone, but specifically aimed for those over the age of 55. You can see more here: Acting our Age online movement classes. Having just been awarded funding, the project will resume in Israel in January 2023.

Art Biodiveristy and Climate Network

In May 2022 I was invited to participate in 2 online gatherings and a 2 day conference event as part of the ABC Network Torch funded project.

The Art, Biodiversity, and Climate Network (ABC Network) brings together members of the Oxford ONE network, the Biodiversity Network, the Oxford Climate Research Network and ​The Flute & Bowl: Oxford Art and Science to bridge the gap that separates the Humanities Division (and, more specifically, the arts, music, performance and dance) from the crucial research into conserving our planetary support systems taking place in the MPLS Division.

Bringing together a heterogeneous community of practitioners from diverse fields across the divisions (Social science, Humanities and MPLS), the ABC Network facilitates joint-projects, collaborations, and discussions between the arts, sciences and the humanities, that do not only aim to illustrate new research, but to integrate creative methods into the process of knowledge-making itself. The ABC Network was created to develop visionary approaches to protect and advocate for the More-than-Human World.