Release and Realign with Mindful Movement

Taking time to move mindfully is one of the most important elements of staying physically free and able. Whether you have a sedentary or physical lifestyle, the impact that our daily movements can have on the entire body, and how it shapes us, cannot be underestimated. Whether you wish to improve your physical performance within your work, develop more ease and balance within your hobbies, or lessen chronic tension that may be interfering with the quality of your day-to-day life, you need to give yourself the time and space to notice what is currently happening. When our bodies feel good, we feel good.

Taking a little time to mindfully explore simple movements can have an enormous benefit in the relief of chronic tension, both physically and mentally. Each person moves uniquely according to their structure, history, lifestyle, and beliefs – so if we can pay attention to how we use our body within these moments, it lays the foundation from which change can begin. It’s not what we do that can transform us, but how we pay attention whilst we do it.

When I teach the aim is to give a greater understanding of how you move; to discover where you already have freedom and where there may be restriction. By relieving chronic tension, developing greater physical awareness, improving balance, and increasing ease, your can begin to enjoy and extend your potential for movement. We explore a range of simple movements and exercises, using: therapy balls to release tension and/or wake up areas and systems that may not be functioning to their full potential, touch to help increase your perception of places or movements within the body that may not be so present in your awareness, imagery to embody the sensation and understanding of your structure within movement, and Rolfing principles to explore your orientation in relation to gravity.

As a dancer I have enjoyed teaching movement classes and workshops incorporating these principles to professional dancers and actors since 1992. On qualifying as a Level 1 and 2 Franklin Method Educator in 2002/3 and beginning to work with Franklin Balls, imagery and experiential anatomy, it has been a pleasure to share the principles and work more widely within different settings and contexts. In 2016 I qualified as a Rolf Movement Practitioner and so additionally draw upon these principles within the movement work I teach.

These release and realign classes are appropriate for any level of experience, from those new to bodywork who wish to simply and confidently discover how to release chronic tension, to movement practitioners wishing to extend their current range of movement or take some time out for their own self care.

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