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rolfing-logo-blackRolfing® Structural Integration is an holistic form of bodywork that was developed by Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1950’s. Rolfing involves hands on manipulation of the fascia alongside movement and perceptual education, over a series of sessions designed to bring greater balance, and thereby freedom, to the body. By alleviating any strain that may be distorting the web of fascia interweaving our entire structure,  Rolfing can help realign the body into a healthier and more comfortable relationship to gravity. It can be particularly helpful for chronic conditions.

Rolf Movement™ focuses more specifically on deepening our understanding of habitual movement patterns to discover a more optimal body use. Through these sessions the work enables the interplay between the postural (tonic) muscles and the muscles more responsible for movement (phasic) to become more balanced. Taking a little time to mindfully explore simple movements can have an enormous benefit. Each person moves uniquely according to their structure, history, lifestyle, and beliefs – so if we can pay attention to how we use our body within these moments, it lays the foundation from which change can begin. It’s not only what we do that can transform us, but how we pay attention whilst we do it.

Whether you wish to address chronic issues and the underlying patterns contributing to them through the Rolfing SI Ten series, explore your movement patterns within a Rolf Movement Session, or enjoy an occasional tension release session focusing on a specific area, you can find out more by clicking on the links below.

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